AppleXsoft File Recovery for Mac

The best way to prevent lost data disasters is to backup regularly. However, it happens to almost everyone at some stage that they lose data that isn’t backed-up anywhere or simply corrupted. AppleXsoft File...


Macintosh OS – Mac OSX Lion

Apple recently introduced the Mac OS X Lion as latest Macintosh OS. They seem very consistent use of animal names for the OS type of big cat, call it Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Panther, Tiger,...


Apple IPad 2 and IPhone 5 rumours ..

Apple’s next iPad and iPhone may ditch the home button in favor of multi-touch gestures, according to rumors reported by various news websites and blogs. Speculation and rumor over what may or may not...


App Store Hits Ten Billion Downloads! Woww….

Apple’s App Store today reached 10 billion downloads since its inception in 2008, and along with the milestone comes the end of the company’s promotion. The winner of the promotion, who is yet to...

Apple Store in Bali 47

Apple Store in Bali

If you come to bali or stay in bali, don’t worry if you have a problem on your Mac computer. Now there are already many Apple Stores that serve mac computer repair.